The “Why” Behind Meadow

The “Why” Behind Meadow

by Stacy on Feb 10, 2023

Launching a business takes passion, a goal to fulfill a dream, patience, a lot of hard work, and money. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: I love to be busy and I love to work. Working alongside such talented and creative people these past years has been full of inspiration. I’ve learned a lot along the way and I have a lot more to learn.

When you start something new, you’ll realize that your friends and family will show up in full force at the beginning. Everything will feel like it’s smooth sailing and you’ll be supported by so many of your loved ones that you’ll be at the peak of your inspiration and creativity. But then, the real work begins and it becomes crucial to find your customer. From email marketing to social media marketing and everything in between, it’s a long, sometimes slow process to really capture a loyal customer base. If you’re currently in this stage of planning your business, we want you to know that it’s normal and okay to see small growth at the beginning! Right now, prioritize building brand awareness by creating and communicating a clear, genuine brand mission.

A genuine mission statement will go a long way when it comes to establishing a following and customer base. Letting your customers know that your “why” is more than just generating revenue and selling products will only enhance the quality of your audience. So, in full transparency, Meadow founder Stacy Valner wants to share her “why” with you:

“I want readers to be encouraged to shop Meadow because the quality and design of each product is elevated, with every single detail being discussed and decided on intentionally. We want to bring only the highest quality, most ethical products into your home. From our zero chemical soy wax candles to our luxury robes made entirely in America by strong, dedicated women, Meadow products encourage you to bring hotel life home.

Our newest collection, The Hotel Collection, takes this sentiment even one step further with a collection of hotel-inspired products dropping in just a few weeks. The Betsy robe (a fan favorite) is back in soft off white and black colors which perfectly complements our new luxury pajama line. The colors are chic, timeless, and classic, and we hope when you treat yourself to one of our new Meadow products you’ll invoke that feeling of hotel life at home!”

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