Summer Travel Packing Tips

Summer Travel Packing Tips

by Stacy on Jul 17, 2023

Summer travel is here, and we want to enhance the experience, making it organized and worry free. If you haven't read our packing tips blog post you can do so here.

We invite you to shop our newest items to compliment your packing and travel experience.

How often do you try to read a great book in the sun only to find you’ve left your sunnies at home? We have affordable readers that are sunglasses from the gorgeous Ryan Simkhai Eyeshop.

Packing in our ‘To Wear’ or ‘To Wash’ bags has never been easier. They are the perfect size for a few outfits and fit comfortably into every carry on bag. The 'To Wash' bag ensures that you don’t mix up your dirty laundry.

And finally, check out our travel backgammon sets. Our families love to gather and play games all summer long. Whether it is on a beach, at home around the dinner table, or sitting in an airport wasting time, this hundreds year old game encourages family bonding time guaranteed to make for fun conversation.

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