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Welcome to Meadow,
a home gifting atelier with a uniquely curated line of gifts instilled with a balance of simplicity & luxury.

Embrace silky luxury with Betsy

The first of many luxury comfort clothing items, Betsy is a cotton-backed silk robe whose name pays homage to our Fabric Fairy Godmother who has guided Meadow. Betsy is perfect for winding down and snuggling up for a moment of pause.

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We aim to spark feelings of happiness, renewal, tranquility, and connection in our customers’ lives and homes.


At Meadow, gratitude and appreciation are inherent in our nature and we believe it’s important to recognize the support systems that uplift us every day.


Whether it’s that aromatic scent that instantly makes you feel relaxed or opulent stationery to reflect on your day, Meadow believes self-care and treating yourself shouldn’t be reserved only for special occasions.


We encourage gift giving not because you have to, but because you want to. We believe that savoring even the smallest moments of tranquility can help nourish your sacred environment.


Meadow’s core intention is to inspire those embarking on new chapters in their lives, and to empower those who already have.

Our favorite things

We aim to inspire customers to indulge in small gifts and details for their home with the intention of transforming the space into their own tranquil sanctuary.

Indulge in plush comfort with Megan

The second Meadow luxury robe, The Megan robe, is a cashmere blend with a large shawl collar to keep you warm on those chilly mornings. The cardigan-style design comes in a rich charcoal color or a comforting oatmeal and is constructed with a breathable design.


Our version of a blog post, Meadow Moments intend to reflect moments to grow, moments to share, and moments to come together as a community.
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"Be yourself, everyone else
is already taken."

- Brene Brown

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