A nod to family.

"Meadow" pays homage to our founder's maiden name and harnesses the vast and limitless ideas commonly associated with the word. As a place that commonly sparks thoughts of fields and flowers, Meadow’s intention is to inspire the idea of gifting and nurturing beauty within the home.

Meet Stacy

Meadow was founded in 2022 by entrepreneur, mother, and wife, Stacy Valner. For the past 23 years, Stacy co-founded and ran the PHASE ONE Foundation with her husband, Alberto. The Valners launched PHASE ONE, a clinical cancer research nonprofit, after Alberto’s successful battle against testicular cancer. Now, as a recent empty nester, Stacy is returning to her roots as a gift buyer and curator through the launch of Meadow, a space to activate the power of pause and appreciation through gift-giving and self-care.

Stacy's Inspiration

As a recent empty nester, Stacy realized she wanted to use her free time to create a business that not only taps into her creative side but is also personal to her and inspiring to others. Endlessly inspired by the nonprofit work she’s done with PHASE ONE, Stacy founded Meadow to continue inspiring those around her in a meaningful and different way. The time she spent funding clinical trials was incredibly important and fulfilling, and she remains active on the board of directors, but Stacy wanted to find a way to share a different type of energy with her community. Meadow is an enormously personal endeavor she hopes will bring beauty to your lives, feel personal and be a meaningful creative outlet. Empowered from her love for life and travel with her husband and children, Stacy intends for Meadow to combine all of her favorite things about hotel life — fine paper, aromatic candles, and luxurious robes.


It all started with a kimono. When Stacy Valner was a child, her father spent weeks at a time in Asia designing and producing fabrics and women’s clothing. Her first experience wearing a kimono and falling in love with the elegant clothing item was at just six years old in Japan. Ten years later, on her birthday, Stacy designed custom kimonos for her friends and family. The red and white pattern donned the words “Stacy’s Sweet 16” and many of the party’s attendees still have their kimonos as a cherished keepsake, Stacy included. Fast forward to present day and Stacy’s inspiration behind her new brand Meadow is centered around the idea of creating seasonal luxury robes to replace bathrobes and other self-care items. Stacy intends for Meadow to combine all of her favorite things about hotel life — fine paper, aromatic candles, and luxurious robes.

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Your home is your sanctuary.

We aim to spark feelings of happiness, renewal, tranquility, and connection in our customers’ lives and homes.


At Meadow, gratitude and appreciation are inherent in our nature and we believe it’s important to recognize the support systems that uplift us every day.


Whether it’s that aromatic scent that instantly makes you feel relaxed or opulent stationery to reflect on your day, Meadow believes self-care and treating yourself shouldn’t be reserved only for special occasions.


We encourage gift giving not because you have to, but because you want to. We believe that savoring even the smallest moments of tranquility can help nourish your sacred environment.


Meadow’s core intention is to inspire those embarking on new chapters in their lives, and to empower those who already have.

In Our Meadow

At Meadow, gratitude and appreciation is inherently ingrained in our nature. Every day, we encounter several people within our support systems that are integral to our success and we believe it’s important to recognize and appreciate them. We say to our team, Thank you!