Meet Stacy

Meadow was founded in 2022 by entrepreneur, mother, and wife, Stacy Valner. For the past 23 years, Stacy co-founded and ran the PHASE ONE Foundation with her husband, Alberto. The Valners launched PHASE ONE, a clinical cancer research nonprofit, after Alberto’s successful battle against testicular cancer. Now, as a recent empty nester, Stacy is returning to her roots as a gift buyer and curator through the launch of Meadow, a space to activate the power of pause and appreciation through gift-giving and self-care.

Meet Amanda

Amanda Alexander is a 25 year fashion apparel industry executive. Amanda is passionate about responsible and ethical manufacturing practices including low waste initiatives, fair wage protection and career development for the vibrant and talented labor force that sustain our industry. What she loves most is being a mother to two great kids and one nervous dog that she shares with the best guy around. She’s an enthusiastic home cook, mediocre baker, and loves dinner parties that last well into the night.

We value our commitment to people, environment, and manufacturing where people are paid fairly and treated equal.

A portion of proceeds is donated to the PHASE ONE foundation

Before Stacy Valner founded Meadow, she co-founded the PHASE ONE Foundation with her husband Alberto. In 1998, Alberto and his mother were diagnosed with two different types of cancer within days of each other. Alberto, at the time, was only 36 years old and was diagnosed with Stage 4 Testicular Cancer. Months later, they grieved the loss of Alberto's mother who lost her battle to cancer, which was so advanced there was never an official diagnosis to the type of cancer. Stacy and Alberto co-founded PHASE ONE in 2000 with the intention of supporting early cancer research to find treatments that could transform terminal illnesses into hope for a full and productive life. A Los Angeles-based nonprofit dedicated to supporting clinical cancer research, PHASE ONE is the inspiration behind Meadow's commitment to giving back.

Today, the PHASE ONE Foundation has funded over 40 clinical trials and raised more than $25 million. Over the past two decades, the foundation has provided 46 grants for research in 25 different types of cancer, many of which have gone on to receive additional funding from larger institutions.

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In Our Meadow

At Meadow, gratitude and appreciation is inherently ingrained in our nature. Every day, we encounter several people within our support systems that are integral to our success and we believe it’s important to recognize and appreciate them. We say to our team, Thank you!