How To Host the Perfect Galentines Event

How To Host the Perfect Galentines Event

by Stacy on Feb 10, 2023

With the start of February comes all things red, pink, and love! From candy hearts to rose bouquets, there’s no better time to show someone you love them than during the Valentine season. But, this is not limited to only romantic partners. Valentine’s Day is a great time to also show your friends how much you care about them as well. So, here are our tips for hosting the sweetest Galentines lunch with a twist this year!

(Disclaimer: despite the misleading name, our Galentines lunch is not limited to only women. Any and all friends and loved ones are welcome and encouraged to join!)

It’s lovely to gather with your friends for a champagne toast, but it’s equally as fun to have a DIY project to do together. This fun project is intended to create care packages to send to your children living away from home. If you have “littles” at home and they are not yet college-aged, then gather anyway and be sure to send this box off to your long lost college bestie, an aging parent, or just give it to a friend you pass on the street. It’s lovely to be kind to people who are least expecting it!

What you’ll need for your Galentine's event:

  • Snacks:
    • Rosé or champagne (pink beverage HIGHLY encouraged!)
    • Lite bites or snacks like a cheese board or Trader Joe’s frozen finger foods (chocolate candies are a must!)
  • Project:
    • Boxes (you can get mailing boxes for free from the United States Postal Service! Simply go to and they will ship you the mailers for free, or visit your local post office and pick some up!)
    • Colored markers
    • Ziploc containers
    • Valentine’s Day stickers
    • Candy
    • Meadow note cards
    • Cookies (baked fresh is preferred! We recommend asking your guests to each bring two dozen cookies — this will give you more than enough to work with.)

How to build your Valentine’s Day box:

  1. The purpose of these boxes is to create custom cookie boxes. Whether it's your college student, long-distance best friend, or someone else on the receiving end of these boxes, we guarantee the recipient will love them!
  2. Use the Valentine’s Day stickers to decorate the box and add a unique personal touch.
  3. Write a custom love letter to your recipient on your favorite piece of Meadow stationery.
  4. To keep the cookies fresh, consider wrapping them in a plastic wrap or wax paper in addition to the Ziploc box.
  5. For an added touch of luxury, add a Meadow silk eye mask to the package to ensure your loved one has an elevated nighttime sleeping routine!
  6. If you want to add even more finishing touches, include some red rose petals or other Valentine’s-themed decor to the box for an added element of surprise when the recipient opens it!

Once you’ve put your cookie box together, be sure to snap a picture and share with us on Instagram; we’d love to see your project completed!

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