6 Ways to Elevate Your Houseguest’s Experience

6 Ways to Elevate Your Houseguest’s Experience

by Stacy on Dec 14, 2022

Whether you love hosting or not, we’re all bound to receive a handful of overnight houseguests every once in a while. During the holiday season, the number of houseguests one can expect tends to increase. At Meadow, we’ve built our brand around bringing sanctuary into your own home and believe this should extend to your houseguests as well. Making your guests feel as comfortable as possible will not only elevate their experience staying with you, but will also help to keep things stress-free for you as the host. 

Here are six simple things you can do to elevate your houseguests’ experience:

Clean Linens

It’s no surprise that clean towels and sheets are a must-have when someone is staying in your home. But, going the extra mile beyond just linens will definitely be noticed. If you are a bar soap person, be sure to provide your guest with a clean new bar. Or, provide them with mini travel-sized bottles of body wash, shampoo, and lotion!

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers on the bedside table can do wonders to brighten up a room and make the space feel luxurious. During the summer, bouquets of roses or daisies are perfect to create a sunny atmosphere. But, during the holiday season opt for something more festive like mistletoe, holly berries, or pine!

Bedside Water Bottles

Although it may seem incredibly simple, providing individual water bottles or a carafe and glass that can easily be refilled will make your guest feel like they are receiving a high-end hotel experience. Plus, you can even make this more personal by purchasing a reusable water bottle that they can keep once they leave your home as a souvenir!

Eye Masks

When on vacation, most people dream of hours of uninterrupted sleep and getting to sleep in until the late morning. If your guest room doesn’t have blackout curtains, provide your guest with a complimentary eye mask to block out the early morning sun. We guarantee they’ll instantly feel like they’re indulging at a luxurious hotel spa!


Also on the bedside table should be a pad of paper for your guest to use throughout their stay. Whether they want to jot down their vacation to-do list, favorite memories of the stay, or simply want to leave a note before they leave, a high-quality notepad and pen is a simple yet elevated touch.

Extra Treats

If you want to add even  more to your guest’s experience, consider throwing in some additional treats to their welcome basket! Items like fuzzy socks or slippers, a clean bath robe, or a fun book on the nightstand will make them feel like they just stepped into a high-end hotel room!

These small and thoughtful ideas are easy, typically inexpensive, and really make a guest feel welcome in your home. At the end of the day, we encourage you to have fun with the way you elevate your hosting experience and guarantee your guest will notice and appreciate it!

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