Tips For Holiday Decorating

Tips For Holiday Decorating

by Stacy on Dec 14, 2022

Holidays in Montana are a magical time. Wintery snow, bright lights, fabulous fires blazing — the natural aspects of winter alone are enough to create a lovely space for the holidays. But, I like to sprinkle in some additional magic for my family. While my kids were growing up, we didn’t celebrate Christmas very often. But now, in our winter wonderland at our Montana home we can’t resist! The frozen lake, snow-covered stairs, and white dusted trees feel like the first scenes of the iconic movie Elf and we can’t help but indulge. 

Although holiday decorating may seem intimidating, I truly believe it doesn’t take much to transform a space into a festive atmosphere for the season. Here are my tips for holiday decorating:

  • Festive decor in each room
  • Setting up a holiday village in the kitchen, being sure to turn the lights on each night
  • Votive candles for every meal
  • Bed frames garnished with elf garlands
  • Small reindeer or mini Christmas trees on the bedside tables
  • Holiday themed pillows on beds
  • Cozy throw blankets
  • Setting up a holiday puzzle on the table for the family
  • Merry games replace summer favorites
  • Hot chocolate with pink marshmallows and a tin of peppermint bark

If decorating just isn’t your thing, I encourage you to challenge yourself this year and start small with three festive elements you can bring into your home. Whether it’s a mini Christmas tree or just a few holiday throw pillows, I guarantee it will make all the difference when spreading holiday cheer! Pro tip: stock up on decorations just after the holidays and store them away for next year. That way, you can take advantage of post-season sales while still curating a collection of decor that will feel just as fresh and new next year.
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