Turning Your Home's Personal Space Into a Sanctuary

Turning Your Home's Personal Space Into a Sanctuary

by Stacy on Aug 12, 2022

At Meadow, we believe in the power of making your home a sanctuary. A house should be more than just four walls and a roof — it should be a safe place where you feel you can unwind into your most authentic self. Whether it’s adding your favorite scented candle, some personal picture frames, or simply designing your room with your favorite color, there are many ways you can turn your home into your own personal sanctuary.

For founder Stacy Valner, the sentiment of transforming your personal space into a sanctuary is put into practice every day. Stacy loves to be home and hosting her extended family and friends, cooking and researching recipes to share with them. She is also very fortunate to call two places “home” — California and Montana. Because her parents, siblings, friends, and children live in California, the west coast will always be home, first and foremost. But, Montana is Stacy’s sacred space.

Regardless of the season, Stacy believes Montana is perfect. She never disappoints, even during the dull months when people abandon the state during shoulder season, a time between time on the lake and the first day of the ski mountain opening. Everything about Montana feels special, from the first moment the plane touches down and Stacy feels her pulse slow, blood pressure drop, and body relax. When she first moved to Montana in 2017, Stacy made a promise to herself that nature and fear would not be a deterrent. She would not be so fearful of bear encounters, but rather would embrace Montana and all its beauty. Now, she has done just that by embracing the external beauty of miles of lake, mountains and nature outside her house and cultivating a sanctuary within her home.

“Nothing I do is that unique or hard to come by, but it is my hope that my words will inspire you to take that next step if you have never taken it,” Stacy says.

It is crucial to Stacy’s home sanctuary that she always has fresh flowers on display — different varieties of peonies in June and July and dahlias, sunflowers, and hydrangeas in August — in beautiful, carefully curated vases. This weekly ritual breathes an air of livelihood into Stacy’s home, making it feel fresh and light and welcoming. It doesn’t matter where the vases come from, whether they’re antiques, specialty pottery, or sourced from a variety of department stores, it just matters that Stacy feels beauty whenever she looks at them.

Lighting also plays an important role, and Stacy has ensured that every lightswitch in the house has a dimmer setting so that she can easily set different moods within each room. Scented candles are always nearby and ready to be lit, warming up a space with both ambient light and rich fragrance. She loves using cloth napkins and placemats to add an inviting tone to her table settings. And, music is key — Sundays are for Latin music, but Stacy’s go-to everyday soundtrack harnesses the tranquil sounds of lavish spas, upbeat music, some old time goodies, and more .

“When all these things happen at once, a house can feel very warm,” she says. “Home should feel safe, comfortable, and should include a lot of throws for when people relax on the sofa! Buy that candle, or vase, or linen napkins. Go the extra mile. You will thank me in the end when your home feels like a sanctuary.”
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