Tips to Embrace the Transition Into Fall

Tips to Embrace the Transition Into Fall

by Stacy on Sep 16, 2022

With the approach of fall, we here at Meadow are always amazed at how fast summer passes us by. This transitional period between seasons prompts us to pause and reflect on what we want to do before this next chapter of the year begins. For founder Stacy Valner, this means getting in one last bike ride, enjoying one more day on the boat, one final pickleball game, and one last surf of the season.

Each fall season, when Stacy leaves Montana and returns to California, it’s such a culture shock. While the temperature begins to drop and the leaves begin to fall in Montana, she’s reminded of how different fall looks in Southern California. Usually filled with 90-degree days that leave us longing for boots and sweaters, a California Fall looks more like summer well into October. 

This is a drastic change from fall in Montana, which boasts crisp air, fog on the lake while the sun rises, and multicolored fallen leaves floating in the wind. Stacy is often reminded of images of her children playing in leaf piles when they were young. The transition between seasons feels more natural in Montana. 

Still, no matter where you call home, the changing of seasons often symbolizes one chapter of life ending and a new one beginning. In fact, this is exactly what inspired Stacy to design different robes for each season. Like many, Stacy’s first action when her day begins is to reach for her robe. But, one day, she realized that her cozy, thick winter robes were too hot and heavy for a warmer spring morning. In the coming collections, you’ll see that having a different robe for each season will become a luxury and we hope that rotating your Meadow robe each season becomes a cherished ritual. 

So, this fall, we encourage you to indulge in simple tasks that really allow you to embrace this transitional period. Rather than being apprehensive about the idea of change, we want you to welcome a new chapter with ease. 

For us, this means adjusting our homes to accommodate the energy of fall months. Here’s how I make simple adjustments:

  • Change your summer linens to cozier fall sheets. For me, this means turning my bedsheets from all-white to a yummy Serena and Lily plaid flannel.
  • The vase of fresh flowers in your home should transition from summer florals like peonies and dahlias to sunflowers and olive branches.
  • Rotate from floral-scented candles to ones with a richer, more woodsy fragrance to set the mood and tone of fall at home.
  • Swap your summer wardrobe for your fall one, whether this means pulling out the thick sweaters and boots or lighter jackets and layering pieces is up to you and where you’re located.
  • Swap your cotton summer robe for our washed silk robe or our cashmere one depending on where you live and how quickly it cools down.
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