The Intention Begind Meadow's Line of Luxury Products

The Intention Begind Meadow's Line of Luxury Products

by Stacy on Jul 23, 2022

After spending 23 years founding and working at PHASE ONE, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit, Stacy Valner decided it was time to return to the work she was doing during the early years of her career: importing home goods, running her corporate gift business, and selling women’s clothing. But, as an avid traveler, she also wanted to tap into the sentimental feeling that traveling and hotel life can often invoke. When thinking about her favorite aspects of travel, Stacy’s mind immediately landed on a few specific items: luxurious robes, fine paper, and aromatic candles.

Stacy believes these items establish the foundation of what it means to truly indulge in hotel life at home. When traveling and staying in fine hotels, these particular items have the power to make the experience unique and special. So, when spending time contemplating how to enhance your time spent at home, Stacy realized that simply bringing these products into your house can give you the chance to experience the luxury of hotel living within your own personal space. It’s undeniable that we all cherish the time spent in our homes, but adding fun components to your personal space is definitely a welcome treat.

So, Stacy set out to curate a line of luxury products to bring into your home including robes, paper, and candles, and the result was the launch of Meadow. Focusing on the robe as the basis of her product line, Stacy has created “Betsy”, a lush women’s robe perfectly suited for this coming season. And, since women’s needs aren’t “one size fits all” year-round, Meadow’s will be creating different style robes to roll out each season.

True to the sentiment of encapsulating the very specific experience that hotel life incites, Meadow launches with a scented candle included in the first product line. Certain scents often have the power to transport you back to a specific memory or invoke an emotion, and Meadow’s goal is to provide you with a scented candle that quickly becomes associated with the sanctuary you’ve created in your home.

Additionally, fine stationery and paper is included in the first line as a way to encourage writing down important lists, nostalgic memories, or any other personal thoughts you may have throughout the day. During a time when technology runs almost every facet of our lives, Meadow wants you to revert back to a time when everything wouldn’t disappear in a cell phone. Plus, there’s just something so satisfying about seeing all your important notes written out by hand!

Meadow is the culmination of Stacy’s favorite aspects of luxury living and invites you to create a sense of sanctuary in your home, indulge, savor a sweet, take a pause, and breathe.
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