Meadow Launches to Inspire Giving and Self Care

Meadow Launches to Inspire Giving and Self Care

by Stacy on Jul 14, 2022

As a recent empty nester, Stacy realized she wanted to use her free time to create a business that not only taps into her creative side but is also personal to her and inspiring to others. Endlessly inspired by the nonprofit work she’s done with PHASE ONE, Stacy founded Meadow to continue inspiring those around her in a meaningful and different way. The time she spent funding clinical trials was incredibly important and fulfilling, but Stacy wanted to find a way to share a different type of energy with her community. She wanted to launch a brand that could be beautiful, feel personal, and act as a way for her to spend time being creative.

Focusing on the “now” has been a great source of inspiration for Stacy’s untapped energy. After so many years with four kids living at home, Stacy’s newly empty nest granted her an excess of time and creative energy. While she watched her children move into new phases of their lives, she found herself doing the same. When she first started work on launching Meadow, Stacy cultivated a team of like-minded individuals to support the brand. Since then, she’s loved spending her new free time working on the development of the line, the team around her, and the energy that comes with creating new products.

Through this, Stacy noticed this new phase of her life centers heavily around her personal relationships. In order to create something you’re proud of, you need to trust the team who supports you, and establishing this trust and creative collaboration has been great for Stacy’s own personal growth throughout this new stage of her life. She loves being able to work on a Meadow project all day long while still being able to have a role in PHASE ONE, and appreciates the way those two chapters of her life can overlap seamlessly.

As we all continue to move into new chapters in our lives, Meadow believes it’s important now more than ever to remind ourselves that we should be living our best lives. Rooted in giving back — especially to caretakers — women’s empowerment, and self care, Meadow believes one of the best things we can do for ourselves is to take a moment to indulge in the simplest treasures in life.
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