Meadow Believes Paying Attention Unveils Sacred Experiences

Meadow Believes Paying Attention Unveils Sacred Experiences

by Stacy on Oct 21, 2022

When Meadow founder Stacy Valner takes a minute to reflect on how she savors the luxury of the Power of Pause, she realizes a certain irony in her ritual. Most of the time Stacy is able to take a minute to slow down, and savor a moment of pause, she is on a walk. Though this may seem counterintuitive — walking is quite the opposite of pausing — the sentiment of the Power of Pause is present, nonetheless. 

At Meadow, we believe that to savor the Power of Pause is to consciously pay attention to your thoughts and let your ideas flow freely. Meadow is founded on brand pillars that closely resonate with our company, among which is the sentiment of the luxury of Power of Pause. These pillars arose from Stacy’s moments of pause. Never one to sit still and just be, Stacy decided a few years ago that it is important to recognize life’s simple pleasures as it passes us by.

“One of the things I realized when I started taking moments of pause is that I can create and begin to delight in the new things heading my way,” Stacy says. “Pausing unveils many different experiences for me. When I pay attention, things happen. I begin to notice how things fall into place when I listen. I realize I am learning things that I may not have noticed before.”

As a mother, wife, business owner, and friend, Stacy knows firsthand that when life gets busy, we often become numb to the small joys we should be indulging in. 

“When I don’t listen to what’s happening around me, I miss life’s messages,” she says. “We all have a gift of intuition and when we tap into it, mysteries can be unveiled.”

Physical exercise and activity has always been a priority to Stacy in her personal life. So, she used this priority as a way to intertwine moments of pause seamlessly into her everyday routine. Whether it's walking (as previously mentioned), boxing, tennis, pickleball, hiking, skiing, or water sports, Stacy has found that these are her own moments of pause in a way. 

“Exercise is a time I can find my pause. After a particular workout, ideas flow into my head,” she says. “I am more clear when I spend time exercising and am able to more easily create new ideas.” 

Embracing the luxury of the Power of Pause can also be instrumental when working through a new transitional period in your life. Whether you’re transitioning from college to post-grad life, single life to married life, motherhood to empty nester, or any of the many other transitions one may go through, taking a moment to pause is crucial. For Stacy, moments of pause are when she can reflect on life, her kids, her family, her parents, her marriage, and creating for Meadow.

“Pausing gives me a space to think about what experiences I want to have now as an empty nester,” she says. “It nourishes me.” 

Now, we encourage you to find your own ways to savor the Power of Pause. When doing so, consider these activities and prompts to really reap the benefits of your moments of pause: 

Activities to savor the Power of Pause:

  • Cooking
  • Walking
  • Meditating
  • Listening to music
  • Lighting a candle
  • Trying a new sport
  • Exercising
  • Traveling
  • Taking a bath

Prompts to consider when pausing:

  • Why do you need to pause?
  • Are you feeling bored or stuck?
    Do you want to try something different?
  • Do you want to take a risk?
  • Do you want to move or make new friends? 

We want to know what your pause is and when you’re most inventive! Once you’ve found your Power of Pause ritual, share with us on Instagram.
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