Launching Meadow: A Journey of Collaboration and Empowerment

Launching Meadow: A Journey of Collaboration and Empowerment

by Stacy on Aug 11, 2022

So, how exactly did Stacy’s role at PHASE ONE eventually transition into the founding of Meadow? Well, it began mostly as a personal journey after Stacy took a step back from running the foundation and was deciding what she would do next. She knew she would remain at the helm of PHASE ONE in one way or another, but she wanted to find a way to also channel her creativity, femininity, and focus to create and share meaningful moments in life that bring happiness. 

During the peak of the pandemic, Stacy spent a lot of time taking walks and listening to podcasts. The topics of these podcasts varied from health, mid-life, menopause, philanthropy, and other wellness topics as well as a lot of current events and news topics. One podcast in particular, The Flexible Neurotic, inspired Stacy to contact a business coach, Cari Rose.

Throughout the creation of Meadow, there were many collaborations and adjustments to the brand along the way. Originally, Stacy planned to open a brick and mortar home store in Montana. But, after reflecting and working on the business, she realized that wasn’t meant to be and she had to redirect her business objectives. This is where the help of Stacy’s coach, Cari, really came into play.

Coaching may appear to many as the same thing as therapy, but Stacy argues that her coaching experience was completely different than a therapy session. Coaches are not therapists, and they are there to help guide you in any direction that feels right for you. While Stacy and Cari mostly focused on what Stacy’s next career move would be, they also explored many different avenues within her life.

“Working with Cari has been the best and most personal journey to date. She led me to explore lots of ventures,” Stacy says. “Once I started working with Cari, there were many little bread crumbs that trickled down a path which is now Meadow.”

Stacy’s relationship with Cari directly impacted the journey of bringing Meadow to life. Throughout the launch of Meadow, Stacy has surrounded herself with a group of women who have a variety of expertises in order to cultivate collaboration throughout many different aspects of the business. This team of empowered women ranges from experts in graphics and web design to fashion leaders and other creatives.

The group of women she has surrounded herself with, Stacy believes, is directly responsible for the successful launch of Meadow. Yes, the men in her life have also been supportive of her business endeavors, but Stacy says it is the women who have been the most instrumental and empowering throughout every stage of bringing Meadow to life.

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