Introducing Meadow’s Line of Luxury Products

Introducing Meadow’s Line of Luxury Products

by Stacy on Oct 21, 2022

Hello, and welcome to Meadow! We are so excited to introduce you to our line of luxury products. Inspired by Stacy Valner’s love for traveling, Meadow’s luxury product line includes all of her favorite things about hotel life — luxury robes, decadent candles, fine stationery, and more. 

Let’s be honest, there’s no feeling more whimsical than stepping into a beautiful hotel for the first time. From the hotel lobby, which is almost always decked out in the most regal furniture and decor, to the high-end service that the hotel staff is eager to provide you with, there’s just something so magical about hotel life. Of course, the magic doesn’t stop in the lobby. Even after checking in and finding your room, there are several little surprises left everywhere for you to discover — robes hanging in the bathroom, little pads of paper on the bedside tables, and a delicious scent wafting through the air. 

“I love to discover these simple pleasures of hotel life,” Stacy says. “So, I decided to curate this line of unique items and put my own spin on them. Meadow’s line of luxury robes, stationery, candles, and eye masks make lovely gifts for friends and family. Or, if you’re in a self-care type of mood, they are the perfect gifts to treat yourself with!”

For the past 18 months, Stacy has been working tirelessly with a team of creatives to bring her vision of Meadow to life. Several years ago, she owned a corporate gifting business which now serves as part of the inspiration behind Meadow. Being a mom, running the PHASE ONE foundation, and other chaotic aspects of life cut into the amount of time she was able to devote to her business and it eventually fell to the wayside many years ago. Now, as a recent empty nester, Stacy wants to jump back into the creative role she enjoyed so much through the launch of Meadow.

In addition to Meadow’s luxury products, we are excited to share monthly Meadow Moments with you. Below is a letter from Stacy herself explaining the inspiration and intention behind our Meadow Moments:

So, what are Meadow Moments? Well, I am not an influencer and honestly, the scariest thing about launching a business is social media in today’s world. Sharing so much leaves me feeling vulnerable, but I am learning to embrace the trends of today’s digital landscape. But, rather than write blog posts telling you how to do something, I want to share with you how I do things in my own life. The goal is that you feel empowered to either adapt my process or find the inspiration to create your own to enhance your personal space. 

In our first few Meadow Moments on the website, you’ll see many posts that we have been busy working on since early summer. We invite you to dive into these moments and reflect on how this past summer influenced your life on your own personal journey. We hope you’ll connect with us on Instagram and share any ideas that you might like to learn more about through Meadow Moments.

My hope is to introduce you to Meadow Moments as a way to connect you to the road I’ve traveled to get to this launch week. I promise there is more to come, so I hope you’ll travel along with me on this journey. 

With love,


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