Finding Solace in Summer Season

Finding Solace in Summer Season

by Stacy on Aug 11, 2022

With August come and gone, it feels like the summer season is nearing its end. As children, we spent most of the spring months eagerly awaiting the last day of school in late May or early June. Our daydreams became full of visions of sunshine and melting ice cream cones, long days at the pool, and late nights spent with friends, not worrying about unfinished homework or looming exams. When we were younger, the summer months felt as if they lasted a lifetime. 

Now, as adults, it feels as if the entirety of summer passes in the blink of an eye. No longer framed by the first and last days of school, it can be easy to allow the summer months to blend into the rest of the year, creating an undesired monotony. When your days are structured around year-round jobs rather than a calendar of school days, it’s hard to take a pause and truly soak in and savor all the best parts of the summertime. Meadow understands this and, true to our mission of Savoring the Pause, we encourage you to reflect on your summer and all of the small moments that truly make it special. 

For our founder Stacy, the start and end of summer is signified by the fields of hay that she frequently passes in Montana. In 2016, Stacy’s family bought a house in Montana and she describes spending the summers there as “a breath of fresh air.” When her family arrives at the home in June, they’re greeted with lush green fields of hay and by the time August rolls around, this hay is cut and rolled into giant hay bales. Seeing these bales of hay, ready to be sold, signifies a sort of “wrapping up” of the summer.

This year, Stacy’s summer was full of all of her favorite things: Long days on the water, the sight of water skiers and tubers flying through the air, the sounds of whoops and cheers on the lake and music as the boats floated by. Reuniting with her children and other loved ones who come to visit. Long walks and bike rides, taking in all of the natural beauty and inspiration that Montana has to offer. Lazy days, busy days, and striking a balance between both. Embracing the genuine happiness that summer invokes.

One constant throughout the entirety of the summer was ending the night appreciating the gift of sunset. In the past, sunsets were always something that Stacy only saw on vacation since she could not see the sun actually set from her home. But, then came Montana and now Stacy watches the sunset every night. 

When Stacy first bought her home in Montana, she didn’t realize she would have a direct line of sight to see the sunset. This added gift is something she is continuously in awe of and she loves to watch the sky dance with colors and hues most people could never even imagine. 

“It is something I cannot take for granted,” she says. “Each and every night it surprises me with its colors and clouds. The beauty is ever-changing and even a dark sunset is unique.” 

As the summer nears its end, Meadow challenges you to reflect on all the things that make the season special for you. What are the unexpected gifts and treasures you found yourself appreciating this summer?

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