Bringing Meadow’s Candles to Life

Bringing Meadow’s Candles to Life

by Stacy on Oct 21, 2022

It’s a well-known fact that certain smells can trigger very specific memories, and that these memories vary from person to person. Maybe you get a hint of a scent that transports you back to your favorite memory of your childhood home, or you think you might recall a scent that was your grandmother’s signature perfume. Whatever the memory may be, whenever you inhale a breath of that specific fragrance, you’ll be hit with a wave of nostalgia and various emotions. 

At Meadow, creating a line of luxury products intended to transform your home into a sanctuary is at the core of our brand mission. Throughout the process, we brainstormed several products to bring this mission to life, one of which is our Meadow candles. Not only do candles have the power to elevate the atmosphere of the room, creating a calming ambiance, but different scents also have the power to tap into our emotions on a deeper level. Whenever you light a Meadow candle, we want you to breathe in the aromatic flavor combinations we’ve created and allow yourself to be transported back to that inherent feeling of calm. 

The thing about launching a business from the ground up, though, is that it comes with several different learning curves throughout various stages of the process. Bringing our vision of the Meadow candle to life was no exception. Fortunately, our founder, Stacy Valner, has never been one to shy away from a challenge. In launching Meadow, one of the many things she allowed herself to be open to learning was how to create a candle line. 

When the idea was first brought up, Stacy found herself questioning the best way to move forward with candle making. She decided she would start by understanding how candles are made and how to build fragrances  that would hit all the right notes. From there, she contemplated what the vessel would look like, which type of wax burns most efficiently, and how many essential oils should be added to Meadow’s candle formula. Even the smallest details — like how big the wick would be — were not forgotten about, and that’s what truly sets Meadow’s product apart from other brands. At Meadow, we believe every detail matters because our customers deserve a high-quality product that is as uniquely crafted as you are.

After countless hours of burning candles in her home (Stacy wants to especially thank her husband and children for putting up with a multitude of scents floating throughout the house), Stacy landed on a candle design that exceeds Meadow’s standards. On two separate occasions, the candle line was almost canceled due to production obstacles, but eventually Stacy’s and her team’s efforts yielded the first three scents of the Meadow candle line.

Throughout the process, she worked with a candle making company to design custom vessels and boxes, learn which toxic ingredients to avoid, and develop a recipe that is clean, lasting, and smells divine. Meadow’s candle recipe opts for natural coconut wax, a higher-end alternative to paraffin as well as a cleaner version. Because of this, our candles burn for up to 50 hours (and even longer if you trim the wick after each use!) and allows you to savor the ambience and aroma up to 50% longer than other candles. Now, we invite you to light a Meadow candle, inhale one of our three aromatic scents:

  • Notes of Woody — With notes of fig wood and fir tree, this candle encapsulates the crisp scent of the turning of the seasons just before everything comes into full bloom.
  • Notes of Floral — With notes of bergamot, jasmine, oak, and sandalwood, this slightly Earthy candle perfectly blends the musky and woody scents of nature with floral undertones.
  • Notes of Spicy — Breathe in deep and notice the fruity scents of mandarin and clementine blended with slightly spicy cinnamon and amber flavors.
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