Behind the Name Meadow

Behind the Name Meadow

by Stacy on Jul 14, 2022

A nod to Stacy’s past and family, “Meadow” derives from Stacy’s maiden name and harnesses the vast and limitless ideas commonly associated with the word. In 2016, Stacy and her family began spending time in Montana. During this time, Stacy couldn’t ignore how happy and relaxed she felt while surrounded by the endless beauty of the state. While establishing a new segment of her family’s lives in the Northern Rockies, Stacy spent a lot of time walking past physical meadows during all seasons of the year. This visual and physical inspiration was instrumental in shaping Meadow’s mission.

As a place that commonly sparks thoughts of fields and flowers, Meadow’s intention is to inspire the idea of gifting and nurturing beauty within the home. A meadow also releases feelings of calm, peace, and tranquility, which Stacy experienced first-hand, and Meadow aims to bring these same feelings into your home with its carefully curated products.

Founding a company called Meadow has helped with the direction of everything the company intends to do, from its minimalistic and elegant website design to the Earthy, neutral colors seen in every aspect of the brand. As a female-founded company, Stacy has tapped into her own personal experiences as a nonprofit founder, mother, wife, and entrepreneur to guide the brand’s symbiotic mission of empowerment and tranquility.

“In my meadow, I see a warm and welcoming space that invites people in to shop, gift, explore, create, celebrate, share, and support,” says Stacy.
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